The Awakening: Climate Reality Leadership Training Corps

“One is never too late to act and fight for what we believe is wrong and injustice”


Mr. Al Gore, presenting the climate realities and its solutions. Credit: Zsolt Bauer


Last March 14-16, 2016, I was given an opportunity to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Training Corps which was held in Sofitel hotel. It’s a privilege to be part of more than 700 participants from 55 countries with diverse background. During the three day training, Mr. Al Gore discussed and presented the climate realities , challenges around the world. He also point out that there is still a solution, that we can still win this fight. io admired his sincerity and commitment to save our planet and spread awareness about climate change. He truly walks the talk and encourages us to do the same and stand for what we are fighting for.

On the other note,  Mr. Gore stated that renewable resources such as solar panel, geothermal, and wind panels is becoming a trend now, given that it is cheaper and a clean alternative to fossil fuels. We can only aim for a sustainable development if we can completely shift from using fossils to our untapped renewable resources. The signing of Paris Agreement this coming Earth day, April 22,2016 of over 155 nations is a great achievement given that all world leaders  should push forward for a healthier, sustainable and climate resilient planet.

The last three days, It awakens my commitment to act and be a climate warrior. Each of has a role no matter how small or big it is, to influence and spread awareness about climate change, and environmental protection. We should start the change within ourselves then we can influence our family, neighbors, friends,community, colleagues, and our government to act on it.


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