Changing your Lifestyle for a greener future

Most of us are not aware how our daily activities can actually produce gas emissions. These direct and indirect activities includes but not limited to driving a car, water heating, cooking, among others. Did you know that changing our life style has a great impact to planet  from the catastrophic climate change. The change start within us, thereby we can influence our family, friends, neighbors,community and our policy makers.

So here’s the list of how we can reduced our carbon footprint:


  • Practice 3R’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. “Manufacturing products produces an average 4-8 pounds of CO2 for every pound of manufactured product”
  • Switch to a renewable electricity supplier
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) have that cool curly shape and save more than 2/3rds of the energy of a regular incandescent.  Each bulb can save $40 or more over its lifetime.  Read the box or instructions for safe disposal.
  • Appliances – Always pay attention to the total lifetime cost, including energy—not just the price tag.
  • Heating and Cooling – Keep your heating and cooling system(s) tuned.  When it’s time to replace, do your research and ask for ENERGY STAR.
  • Electric tumble dryers use a huge amount of energy. If it’s a nice day dry your clothes outside or even inside if it’s not so nice.
  • Take your phone charger out of the wall. It uses energy even when it’s not charging your phone.
  • USE SOLAR PANELS- Using solar panels can significantly reduce your carbon foot print and electricity bills


  • ALWAYS turn-off you computer monitor when you leave the office
  • Share a lift  to get to work
  • Consider using ePlusGreen’s PC energy-saving technology – The system monitors/minimizes computer and printer energy usage.
  • Bring your own lunch or buy at the nearest local restaurant


  • Plan your travel to avoid getting lost, congestion, or road works
  • Do EXERCISE- why not walk or ride a bike ? if it’s only one mile
  • Maintenance – Keep your car tuned up and running efficiently.
  • Drive a low-carbon vehicle


  • FLY nonstop – A direct flight is way better than a connecting flight
  • Plan your vacation-  Do some research and consider if you can combine trips
  • Make sure you switch off all your appliances at home
  • Use Hotel Van instead of renting a car

Other tips

  • Eat locally-produced and organic food.  Yes, I am guilty about this but I am now eating vegetables more often. Did  you know that production and transporting of food requires a lot of fuel which results to green house  gas emissions.
  • YES FOR RENEWABLE RESOURCES- It is time for us to shift from using fossil fuels to Renewable Resources such as using solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal among others. It is good to know that their is a dramatic trend in using this renewable resources and hoping that we will not use fossil fuels in the near future.

We have to act now. It is still not too late to save our planet EARTH.

Do you want to add something? Please do comment and let me know your thoughts.